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Dog Washing and Haircuts in Huntersville, NC


With The Doggie Barber, getting a dog wash and haircut has never been so quick and easy

Whether you have a thick-coated Newfoundland, an energetic Schnauzer, a tricolor Cocker Spaniel or a Standard Poodle, we can groom and trim your dog precisely in the style that matches his or her breed.
Clean Dog - Pet Haircut and Washing in Hunstersville, NC
Let The Doggie Barber in Huntersville, NC pamper your pet by using only natural products and a gentle touch to remove dirt and allergens without aggravating sensitive skin. Our keen attention to detail during the dog grooming process means we will ... Read more
Newly Wash Dog - Pet Haircut and Washing in Hunstersville, NC
Treat your pet to a special day where our specialists, who have over 16 years of experience, give him or her a red carpet treatment that is sure to get their tail wagging!
Dog with new haircut - Pet Haircut and Washing in Hunstersville, NC
For cleaning, we use the HydroSurge bathing system, which eliminates the need for hand scrubbing. HydroSurge mixes shampoos and uses spray propulsion to scrub under the coat for deep cleaning, which translates to less skin irritation. InjectAir™ ... Read more