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Dog Grooming in Huntersville, NC

Tiny Dogs - Pet Grooming in Huntersville, NC
Looking for a professional Huntersville, NC, dog grooming service to help keep your furry friend looking his or her best? Locally owned and operated by long-time dog-lovers, The Doggie Barber has more than 16 years of experience in the pooch-pampering business, and our highly ... Read more
Groomed Dog - Pet Grooming in Huntersville, NC
From precise grooming for your Schnauzer or Cocker Spaniel to a thorough bathing for your thick-coated Newfoundland, we know how to give each dog breed the red carpet treatment. We use only natural products designed to remove dirt and allergens ... Read more
Big Black Dog - Pet Grooming in Huntersville, NC
Let your dog know you cherish their unwavering support by treating them to a loving Huntersville, NC, dog grooming service that will have their tails wagging. Call The Doggie Barber today to set up an appointment, and we respond quickly to your needs.
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We are Anthony and Brandy Helton, and we're both long-time dog lovers. We've been in the dog grooming business for a collective 16 years, with eight of those years spent in the Charlotte/Huntersville area, and it's our passion.

Services we offer at The Doggie Barber include:
• Grooming
• Hair trimming
• Nail trimming
• Teeth cleaning
• Bathing
• Brushing
• Ear cleaning
• Gland expressing
Different Dogs - Dog Grooming in Hunstersville, NC
Happy Dogs - Pet Grooming in Huntersville, NC
We take pride in our business and our services, and we enjoy taking the time to get to know our clients and their pets.

We value one-on-one time with our customers, and we really try to make a connection with your pet and his or her personality to keep them calm while they undergo the cleaning and grooming process. We believe all dogs should be treated with love and respect.

When your pet leaves our salon, they will be happy, healthy and clean.